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Thursday, April 4, 2024

For Xbox, Microsoft is creating an AI chatbot.

Microsoft is creating an AI chatbot For Xbox.

For Xbox, Microsoft is creating an AI chatbot.

For its Xbox platform, Microsoft is testing a new chatbot driven by AI. According to The Verge, this "embodied AI character" is a new AI-powered chatbot for customer service that can answer questions about Xbox support.

The chatbot, known as the "Xbox Support Virtual Agent," is linked to Microsoft's help literature for the Xbox network and ecosystem and is capable of responding to support inquiries through natural language processing.

Basic customer service inquiries can be handled by the chatbot, which can also handle refund requests for games through the company's support website.

Haiyan Zhang, general manager of gaming AI at Xbox, acknowledged the chatbot's existence to The Verge, adding, "We are testing an Xbox Support Virtual Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can query Xbox Support topics with voice or text."

Microsoft is working to integrate AI into its Xbox platform and services, and the Xbox AI chatbot is a component of that endeavor. The ultimate goal is to have the chatbot answer all Xbox customers' support questions.

The Azure AI Bot Service, which Microsoft wants its clients to utilize for automating support jobs, is comparable to the prototype chatbot. "How can I help you today?" is the first question it asks users, and it can swiftly assist with a variety of support requests, from fixing a faulty Xbox to taking care of problems with premium memberships.

The business earlier unveiled its "Xbox Everywhere" vision, which included a platform that lets users play wherever they choose, an ecosystem of devices, and "AI innovation" as a crucial element.

Microsoft plans to integrate AI into video games.

Microsoft plans to integrate AI capabilities into game operations, gaming content creation, and the Xbox platform and devices in addition to the help chatbot. The company is working with generative AI NPCs, AI game testing, and AI-generated graphics and content for games. AI-powered Copilots for security and moderating duties are also being considered, as well as AI-powered gaming aides to support players.

One of the earliest applications of the company's AI initiatives in gaming may be the Xbox AI chatbot, which offers users a better and more effective support experience.

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