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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Devika is who? 'AI coder' from India: a replacement for Devin

who is Devika AI?

Devika is who? 'AI coder' from India: a replacement for Devin

Mufeed, Lyminal and Stition's 21-year-old founder. Kerala-based AI posted about Devika, a "AI coder," on X. Though now "far from the capabilities of Devin," Devika may become the "world's first AI software engineer" substitute.

He wrote, "We are pleased to invite early testers and contributors to Project Devika, the open-source alternative to Devin." Devika is still far short of Devin's ability, but we will catch up someday. Thus, I'm urging the open-source community to band together," he continued.

Here are some further details he provided regarding Devika and the workings of the AI-backed program. "This whole thing started out as a joke, then I wrote the entire project hackathon-style in about 20 hours spanning the last three days... so I rushed a bit, hence the code quality isn't the best," he said in a response to his own tweet. And I simply learned Svelte for this project and cooked, but I feel I did a nice job considering I am by no means a UI or web designer.

View the post in its entirety about Devika here:

It was shared a few of days ago. It has had over 1.4 lakh views since then. In addition, the post has received over 1,200 likes. As they responded to the share, people left a variety of responses.

What opinions did X users have of Devika?

Whoa, does it support Tamil as well? An X user enquired, "By the way, I would love to try it out." "This depends on the base model; Anthropic's Claude 3 is pretty good at multilingual input," Mufeed said.

"I would like to join the team," said the other. What information should I be aware of?

A third commented, "Excellent work."

A fourth person said, "I'm really eager to watch! What part can I play?

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