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Friday, January 26, 2024

What is Advertising?


In computer networking, the router feature that disseminates updates and modifications to the network is known as advertising.

Routers are sophisticated networking devices that use routing tables to preserve network data.

These tables, which are based on set protocols, contain data about nodes, routes, and network addresses.

Through the use of routing protocols, neighboring router information can be gathered and distributed via the network to all other nodes.

Broadcast messaging is referred to as advertising, in a similar manner to how a marketing department markets products to enlighten consumers and provides comprehensive product details.

All network routing table data, including nodes, router names, interface names, IP addresses, and network addresses, is gathered and stored by routers via various protocols.

What is Advertising?

Every node can update its routing tables in accordance with the data that has been gathered since it is distributed over a network.

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