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Saturday, January 20, 2024

What an amazing feature of WhatsApp your private chat will be secured with a secret code, meaning no one can see it.

Feature of WhatsApp Your Private Chat

A new secret code feature for restricted chats is coming to WhatsApp. The business unveiled the Chat Lock function earlier this year.

It has since been expanded, enabling customers to conceal their closed discussions behind a secret code. This implies that no one will be able to access your private conversations if you lend your phone to a friend or it becomes lost.

Additionally, you may use your phone's passcode or PIN, as well as a facial or fingerprint scan, to secure your chats. Tell us about this WhatsApp feature.

New secret codes for the communication Lock function, which let users to hide a communication behind a password or phrase, were released by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday. An additional layer of security will be added to the messaging platform when chats concealed behind the secret code are only accessible by entering the code and are not visible in the main chat list.

What an amazing feature of WhatsApp your private chat will be secured with a secret code, meaning no one can see it.

To conceal closed chats, open the list of locked conversations, press the three dots menu at the top, select Chat lock settings, toggle to hide locked chats, and input an easily remembered secret code. The main chat window will no longer display your locked chat. Users can currently access WhatsApp locked chats by scrolling down on the chat screen and using their fingerprint or Face ID.

After creating a secret code on WhatsApp, there is only one method to see or access your locked conversations: you must type the same secret code into the app's search bar. This will enable you to view chats that are secured by the Chat Lock feature, but only while you are using the app.

To disable the secret code feature on WhatsApp, enter the list of locked chats using your secret code, then press the three dots menu > Chat lock settings > Lock talks. This will remove the option to hide your chats. Toggle hiding can be turned off to resume regular communication.

Additionally, WhatsApp claims that you won't need to change the chat settings in order to lock a conversation. A chat can be locked by just long pressing on it. Users may now access the Secret Code function, and in the upcoming months, it will be available everywhere. But there's no word on when or if it will be available for WhatsApp desktop.

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