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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Using Whatsapp on an Android device? You now understand the full situation and will not receive this benefit.

Whatsapp on an Android Device

Do you use an Android smartphone to use WhatsApp? If so, pay close attention! There will be a huge feature on WhatsApp that you can no longer use.

The media files and WhatsApp conversations you back up will now be deducted from your Google account's cloud storage cap.

This implies that WhatsApp chats and media backups will now be included in the 15GB of free cloud storage that Google provides for all users. Users will then need to pay for the cloud storage if they require it after that.

This modification has been announced by Google. According to the business, starting in December 2023, Android media backups and WhatsApp conversations would be deducted from the user's Google account's cloud storage cap.

Remember that Google used to provide free storage for Android smartphone users to store their WhatsApp chat histories. The 15 GB of storage that came with a Google account was supplemented with this storage.

Using Whatsapp on an Android device? You now understand the full situation and will not receive this benefit.

The new modification would negatively impact users who need to make a large backup of their media assets and WhatsApp conversations because their cloud storage limit has nearly hit 15 GB. Beginning in December 2023, WhatsApp beta users will experience this change.

The first half of 2024 will see the implementation of this update for all Android users.

According to Google, the amount of free storage it offers Android users is far greater than the amount of free storage Apple offers with iCloud.

In the future, users of Android devices will need to free up storage if they wish to create a backup of their WhatsApp conversations and the cloud storage runs out.

The good news is that Google provides customers with a unique tool that allows them to erase huge files at once. This decision will not impact Google customers who are subscribers to Google Workspace.

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