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Thursday, April 11, 2024

New AI from Google Cloud Released For Channel Partners At Google Next 2024

AI from Google Cloud Released At Google Next 2024

New AI from Google Cloud Released For Channel Partners At Google Next 2024

At Google Cloud Next 2024 this week, Google Cloud introduced a number of new channel advancements for Google partners, including a new generative AI specialization and technical bootcamps for solution providers in AI delivery.

"With our broad and open AI platform, Google Cloud partners have amazing opportunities to help customers transform," stated Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, during the company's conference in Las Vegas.

"With a partner-led approach to services and delivery, growing incentives and rewards, new opportunities for training and differentiation, and optimized routes-to-market to help partners close larger deals faster and more often, we are committed to supporting our partners at every level of our AI stack," Ichhpurani stated.

Increased Incentives For System Integrators Up To A 10X Increase

Ichhpurani stated that in order to encourage system integrators and software suppliers to use Google Cloud's generative AI solutions, the Mountain View, California-based company has upped its incentives and other channel programs by up to 10X.

Additionally, he mentioned that Google Cloud has quadrupled compensation for service providers who encourage the adoption of important products and increase workloads. Furthermore, Google expanded its new branding incentives for partners in sales and services for Google Workspace and Google Cloud.

The CEO and co-founder of CloudWerx, a Google partner, Jason Geis, predicted that in 2024 the AI channel incentive hikes will propel profitability.

"We see that over 50% of the deals we work on have an AI component when we look at our sales force and the business we're working on," Geis added. We thus have significant investments in AI. We've employed several Ph.D. holders among our staff, as well as some Googlers. It's wonderful to see how much assistance they are providing us with these AI rewards.

A New Specialization in Generative AI Services

A new specialization in Generative AI Services has been introduced by Google Cloud for partners that exhibit the highest degree of technical competence with Google Cloud GenAI products.

With the introduction of this new specialization, there will be greater money available for generative AI evaluation work, early access to Google-led GenAI initiatives, and enhanced access to partner marketing dollars and AI resources.

Fresh Bootcamps for Delivering Generative AI

Google also announced new generative AI Delivery Excellence and Technical Bootcamps for partners this week at Google Cloud Next.

These Google bootcamps will provide partners with the know-how, resources, and equipment they need to use artificial intelligence to improve their businesses.

The Delivery Readiness Portal Has New Features

A data-driven platform called Google's Delivery Readiness Portal assists partners in becoming more delivery ready in order to enhance customer results.

Google claimed to have updated the site with new features to make it easier for partners to access resources.

"Our Delivery Readiness Portal's new user experience will make it easier for partners to access crucial resources to guarantee the best possible delivery quality for customers," Ichhpurani stated.

According to the CEO of CloudWerx, Google is making investments to help its partner ecosystem attract new clients and provide AI results that companies of all kinds are looking for.

"Our business is just absolutely exploding in the area of AI," Geis added. "People fear that without a plan, their competitors will outsmart them, as artificial intelligence will completely transform the way businesses operate across various sectors."

According to Geis, CloudWerx, the North American winner of the 2024 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year award, is seeing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and winning new customers in almost every industrial sector.

AI is a topic that everyone wants to discuss. Thus, we gain access to the account by using AI as a Trojan horse. After determining the location of the data, the problems, and additional details about the company, we will be able to establish a firm foundation and integrate Google AI into the account, all the while growing Google's cloud platform, according to Geis. "In our opinion, Google has the best technology available."

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