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Saturday, March 30, 2024

This Professor of Astrophysics Thinks He Knows the Formula for Time Travel

Astrophysics Thinks He Knows the Formula for Time Travel

This Professor of Astrophysics Thinks He Knows the Formula for Time Travel

People have always been captivated by the concept of time travel. This concept has been the basis for a great deal of written and cinematic work.

One such book, The Time Machine by HG Wells, allegedly piqued the curiosity of astrophysicist professor Ron Mallet concerning time travel (

He set out on an almost unimaginable journey to accomplish this goal. He now asserts that he has created an equation for the same.

Professor Mallett's early traumatizing experience is the source of his curiosity with time travel and its equation.

The Professor's father, a television repairman who encouraged his son's interest in science, unfortunately died of a heart attack when the Professor was just ten years old. When Mallett was younger, he was completely crushed and turned to literature for comfort.

The first words in Wells's essay, "Scientific people know very well that Time is only a kind of Space," became the professor's life motto. And why is it that we are unable to move in Time like we can in the other dimensions of Space? This profound issue set off Mallett on a scientific quest to comprehend the nature of time, driven by his desire to see his father, whom he loved so much, again.

The time travel equation was created by the professor using decades of research on black holes and Einstein's theories of relativity as a foundation. A black hole is a massive circular region in space where everything is drawn into it, even light, by the intense gravitational field around it.

An explanation of how speed impacts mass, time, and space may be found in the theory of relativity. The link between energy and matter is defined by the speed of light, which is taken into account in the theory.

As stated by the well-known equation E = mc^2, it indicates that little amounts of mass (m) can be substituted for massive amounts of energy (E).

Mallett describes his plan for a time machine as centered on manipulating gravity using "an intense and continuous rotating beam of light." His contraption would simulate the spacetime distortion caused by a black hole by using a ring of lasers.

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