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Saturday, March 30, 2024

How to end your Prime membership with Amazon India

Removing your Amazon Prime subscription only requires a few easy actions. Amazon Prime members receive a plethora of incentives. This covers normal delivery with no minimum order requirements, one-day and two-day delivery, regular sales, and lighting specials with early access for non-Prime members.

This US corporation offers many more incentives to its prime members. Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading are a few of these. Additionally, the business provides Prime members with same-day delivery to qualifying locations.

You can terminate your Prime subscription at any time if that's the case. Its cost could be a major factor.

This membership may be obtained in India for Rs 329 per three months or Rs 999 annually. That is, however, far less expensive in India than it is in the US. This subscription can be purchased in the US for $12.99 (about Rs 960) a month. There, it costs $119 (about Rs 8,760) a year. You might not want to continue with it at this price.

It is important to note that even after cancellation, the subscription will remain active for the duration specified on the day you took it. This implies that, for instance, if you sign up for a three-month subscription and decide to cancel after one month, the subscription will still last for another two months.

How to end your Prime membership with Amazon India

Consequently, the advantage of terminating the subscription is that it will terminate both the auto renewal and the subscription at the end of the subscription period. On the Amazon app or website, users can request cancellation of the subscription from the company's customer support department.

Use these instructions to manually cancel your subscription using a computer or mobile app.

How to cancel your subscription to Amazon Prime

By going to Amazon's website and following the instructions provided below, you can cancel your Prime membership. Continue reading to find out the procedures for canceling using the app.

  • Customers visit and sign in to their accounts.
  • To access Your Account, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.
  • Click the Prime option now.
  • Click the Manage Membership link after that. You'll notice a drop-down list here. Here, choose Manage Membership.
  • Select the "End membership" option now.
  • You now get a screen from Amazon detailing the amount of money you have saved on delivery costs since acquiring the subscription.
  • To cancel, click Continue now.

A screen displaying the date on which your Prime membership expires is now displayed to you. Your Prime membership will now undoubtedly be terminated on the anniversary of the original purchase.

You can select the "Remind me later" option to receive a reminder three days before to your subscription expiration. You have three days to see the End Now button on Amazon even at the moment of subscribing.

Within the first three days of using the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time if you're not happy. You will receive a refund from the company for the remainder or entire subscription period as a result. A credit note is used to process this reimbursement.

How to use the app to terminate your subscription with Amazon Prime

  • Use the Amazon app on your smartphone to cancel your subscription by following these steps.
  • Open your phone's Amazon app.
  • Subsequently, select the hamburger menu icon located at the lower right corner.
  • Press on Prime now.
  • Select the option labeled "Manage My Membership" located before "Prime."
  • Select the Manage Membership option after tapping on the Manage membership drop-down menu.
  • Click "End membership" here.
  • The amount of delivery fees you have saved since subscribing will now be displayed on the screen. Navigate through this screen.
  • Here, select Continue to Cancel and then select End on (the day your Prime membership expires) to complete the action.

It's important to remember that you won't be able to use Prime Video or Prime Music after your membership is canceled.

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