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Friday, February 16, 2024

WhatsApp New Feature: You may now conceal your IP address on WhatsApp. Here's how to do it simply.

WhatsApp New Feature: IP address

The goal of WhatsApp's new "Protect IP Address in Calls" function is to improve users' privacy when using the messaging app to make and receive calls. When you make calls after choosing this option, your IP address will be concealed.

Rather than connecting straight to the other party and disclosing your IP address, WhatsApp will route your call via the company's servers. The new setting, according to the messaging app, is optional and intended for users who value their privacy.

In a post on the engineering blog of the company, Meta developers provided a detailed explanation of the new functionality. The site claims that the new 'Protect IP address in calls' feature on WhatsApp fundamentally alters how two users connect to each other during calls.

Peer-to-peer communication is another feature that WhatsApp has, similar to most calling apps. This implies that both callers may see each other's IP addresses.

Peer-to-peer calls require the exposed IP addresses of the connected parties to function effectively. These IP addresses are known to the Internet service provider but are not accessible to the callers. Some users might not want to give unknown callers on the platform access to this information.

WhatsApp New Feature: You may now conceal your IP address on WhatsApp. Here's how to do it simply.

Instead of forming a peer-to-peer connection, WhatsApp will route all calls through its servers to conceal your IP address during calls, protecting your privacy and obscuring your identity. The call will be routed through a server rather than a direct connection, which will result in a tiny drop in call quality. However, WhatsApp claims that these chats will stay end-to-end encrypted, so that only those involved can hear what is said.

How can I make WhatsApp's "Protect IP address in calls" function active?

  • Update WhatsApp to the most recent version from the App Store or Google Play Store first.
  • Navigate to WhatsApp's "Settings" and select "Privacy."
  • Now select "Advanced" by scrolling down.
  • Here, activate the switch labeled "Protect IP address in calls."

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