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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Apple might launch the iPad in the foldable market.

Apple iPad in the Foldable Market

Apple, a US-based gadget manufacturer, is not present in the foldable market. Instead of a foldable smartphone, the business might introduce a foldable iPad to this market.

In the past several years, sales of foldable cellphones have grown significantly. Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer of consumer electronics, is the market leader in this category.

A report by DigiTimes claims that Apple has made suggestions on the foldable iPad to its vendors. Next year, it could be released.

Apple hasn't finalized its design yet, though. According to a source cited in this story, the business intended to launch in this market with larger devices like iPads rather than folding cellphones.

Compared to the iPhone, the iPad contributes substantially less to the company's revenue. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier hinted that a carbon fiber kickstand would be included with the foldable iPad.

Apple might launch the iPad in the foldable market.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, explained this week why a new generation of iPhones is released each year. On the video platform Brut, he stated, "I think every year the iPhone is there for people who want to buy it and it's a great thing for them."

He mentioned that Apple offers customers the opportunity to trade in their iPhones while discussing the company's environmental impact. "We give people the option to trade in their phone, and if it's working, we can resell that phone," Cook stated.

We are able to disassemble and fix it if it is broken." The materials discovered can also be used to create a new iPhone."

Last month, Apple introduced the iPhone 15 series. That means the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are included.

The business began selling these smartphones on September 22 in India and other countries. On the first day of its foreign sales, Apple has never before made the iPhone 15 series cellphones produced in the nation available.

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