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Saturday, January 6, 2024

An upgraded iPad Mini with a larger 8.7-inch OLED screen is on the way from Apple.

Upgraded iPad Mini from Apple

The iPad from American gadget manufacturer Apple may soon have an OLED screen. The iPad Pro may receive an OLED display update from the business the following year. After that, this screen may be included in additional iPad models. In addition, Apple intends to release the iPad Mini with a larger screen.

In the upcoming three years, the business plans to add OLED screens to the iPad Mini and iPad Air models, according to a report by ETNews in South Korea.

About two years ago, Apple updated the iPad Mini, and the iPad Air model was introduced the previous year. The Retina IPS LCD panels on them are 8.3 inches and 10.9 inches, respectively.

According to this claim, the screen of the upcoming iPad will be a single-stack LTPS OLED. Additionally, the business intends to update the iPad Mini by adding a larger display. With an 8.7-inch screen, it will be 0.4 inches bigger than the iPad Mini that is available right now.

With its sales projection for the current quarter, the corporation has let the market down. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently stated that the new iPhone 15 models are performing well in China. Wall Street's concerns that Apple is losing market share in China to rivals like Huawei might lessen as a result of this.

An upgraded iPad Mini with a larger 8.7-inch OLED screen is on the way from Apple.

Nonetheless, during the fourth quarter that concluded in September, Apple's revenue from China decreased by almost 2.5 percent. The business claims that after accounting for foreign exchange rates, there has been an increase.

It is probable that Apple's sales for this quarter will resemble those of previous year. The fact that this quarter falls around the Christmas season, when sales of Apple's new iPhones are at their peak, makes it significant for the business. Analysts had anticipated a rise in sales, though.

The corporation outperformed the market in its fourth quarter of operations. Sales of iPhones have increased, and service income has increased by about $1 billion.

This lessened the effect of the significant drop in Mac and iPad sales. The business had previously stated that it is having trouble keeping the new iPhone series premium devices in stock.

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