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Monday, April 22, 2024

An VASA-1 AI app from Microsoft makes Mona Lisa sing.

VASA-1 AI Microsoft Mona Lisa Sing

An VASA-1 AI app from Microsoft makes Mona Lisa sing.

Microsoft has revealed a novel artificial intelligence (AI) model that has the ability to produce remarkably lifelike films with talking human faces. The AI image-to-video model, known as VASA-1, can turn still images of people's faces into vibrant animations. According to the company, the produced videos would feature natural-looking face expressions and head movements along with synchronized lip movements to match the soundtrack.

People were astounded when a video showcasing the app's features went popular on social media recently. The famous Leonardo da Vinci painting Mona Lisa is seen lip-syncing to Anne Hathaway's song "Paparazzi" in an AI-generated film.

Microsoft shows VASA-1. This AI is capable of expressively singing and talking from an image using audio as a guide. comparable to Alibaba's EMO. Ten outrageous instances Min Choi shared a thread with the title, "1. Mona Lisa rapping Paparazzi."

View the video below:

Some people found the humorous film amusing, which is why the video went viral. "The Mona Lisa clip had me rolling on the floor laughing," a user commented. One more person said, "Oh, man." If only Leonardo da Vinci could have seen this.

Concerns regarding its unethical use, particularly in the creation of deep fakes, were also voiced by several.

VASA, according to Microsoft, is a foundation for creating virtual characters with enticing visual affective skills (VAS) who have lifelike talking faces.

"VASA-1 can capture a wide range of facial nuances and natural head motions that add to the impression of authenticity and liveliness, in addition to producing lip movements that are exquisitely synchronized with the audio." According to the business, "the development of such an expressive and disentangled face latent space using videos, as well as a holistic facial dynamics and head movement generation model that works in a face latent space, are the core innovations."

"Until we are confident that the technology will be used responsibly and in accordance with the appropriate regulations, we have no plans to release an online demo, API, product, additional implementation details, or any related offerings," Microsoft continued.

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