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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Research Meteor hit on the Indus Valley Civilization may have left a large crater in Gujarat.

According to a recent study, the greatest meteorite to impact the globe in the last 50,000 years may have created a crater in Gujarat.

This meteorite may have created a huge fireball, shock waves, and wildfires upon impact that would have quickly spread throughout the region inhabited by the Indus Valley civilization thousands of years ago.

Research Meteor hit on the Indus Valley Civilization may have left a large crater in Gujarat.
Research Report Meteor hit Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilisation would have been impacted by a meteor strike, which is most likely what created the Luna structure in Kutch, Gujarat.

According to Gordon Osinski of Western University in Canada, "it would have been definitely equivalent to a nuclear bomb, but without the radioactive fallout," New Scientist reported on the findings.

The Luna Structure is a 1.8-kilometer-wide crater that has long been recognized to Gujarati residents.

A high percentage of iridium was found in the soil at the location according to geochemical investigation.

This implies that the site was most likely affected by an iron meteorite. Other characteristics of meteors, such as wüstite, kirschsteinite, hercynite, and ulvöspinel, were also found by researchers.

Though geochemical study may seem to support the idea, other scientists contend that the Luna structure's status as a meteor crater has not yet been established beyond a reasonable doubt.

Finding very hot rocks that melted due to the impact's energy will be necessary for the researchers to accomplish that.

However, if the hit had been caused by a meteor, it would have set out wildfires and shockwaves that spread up to five kilometers. In what is now Gujarat, the meteor's dust would have caused the Sun to appear dimmer for several days. The meteor impact was dated by the researchers to approximately 4,050 years ago.

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