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Monday, March 25, 2024

How to protect your smartphone and what to do if it gets wet during Holi ?

People are excitedly getting ready to celebrate the important festival of colors with their friends and family as Holi celebrations have already started. Foam parties, rain dances, thandai sweets, gulaal, and much more are part of these festivities.

During the Holi celebrations, there's a good probability that capturing pictures or recording films on your smartphone could get wet. Here's what to do in the event that your smartphone becomes wet.

Water balloons and water guns should not be missed if you are feeling festive and want to enjoy Holi. There's a good risk that while playing Holi, taking pictures or movies of your loved ones, or recording films, your smartphone could get wet.

How to protect your smartphone and what to do if it gets wet during Holi ?

What should you do if your smartphone gets wet?

It's crucial to turn off your phone as soon as you remove it from the water. If the model is older, take the battery out.

Refrain from shaking the phone as this may push water into internal parts and result in damage.

Press paper towels against the outside of your smartphone to dry it off.

A hair dryer should never be used as it can produce too much heat and inadvertently harm internal components. Rather, let the water evaporate on its own. The sun might also be of use to you.

Because rice absorbs moisture, you can expedite the process by submerging the phone for at least six hours in a bag of raw rice.

Steer clear of charging the phone in the rain. Additionally, take out the phone's tray and SIM card.

How to shield your smartphone from moisture while celebrating Holi

Ziplock bags: When playing Holi, protect your phone, smartwatch, smart band, or any other device you are carrying with an airtight ziplock bag.

Glycerin or moisturizer: Use this to protect your earbuds from any color stains and wear and tear.

Opt for pattern lock: To unlock your phone, enter a pattern or PIN in place of fingerprint recognition. You may enjoy the Holi celebrations without worrying about possible fingerprint recognition concerns thanks to this, which works great on a transparent ziplock bag.

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