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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Google will release the Gemini Nano AI model for the Pixel 8 more information here.

Gemini Nano AI model for the Pixel 8

Google will release the Gemini Nano AI model for the Pixel 8

Google has scheduled the release of Gemini, a new large language model, for the Pixel 8 smartphone. A Gemini Nano version of the product will be available for smartphones, and it can operate locally on a smartphone. In January of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 Pro received this model's release.

In order to gather input on how the model functions on a smartphone with fewer hardware, the firm has decided to roll out Gemini Nano alongside the next Pixel Feature Drop. The model is currently available in developer preview mode.

The Tensor G3 chipset, which powers the Pixel 8, was created to accelerate AI performance. Users should anticipate a similar experience on the Pixel 8 smartphone as the same chipset is also available on the Pixel 8 Pro.

Despite having the same CPU as the Pixel 8 Pro, the firm first claimed that the Pixel 8 could not run the Gemini Nano model due to technical constraints. The RAM allocation is the only distinction between the two smartphones. It appears that the business has figured out a way around the restriction.

How will the Google Pixel 8's Gemini Nano function?

Two Pixel 8 Pro features will be made available to Pixel 8 users, who will utilize Gemini Nano.

The Gemini-powered summary feature of the Recorder app will now generate summaries of recorded conversations locally on the device, eliminating the need to send data to a server.

Furthermore, the model will power the Pixel 8's Smart Reply toolkit on Gboard. This group of tools will propose replies to messages based on its understanding of the context of discussions. Prior to its recent expansion to Line and Kakao Talk, the toolkit was only available on WhatsApp.

Additionally, the model activates Magic Compose in Messages on the Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24 devices; however, the company has not yet confirmed if the Pixel 8 will support this feature.

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