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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Project Q star: what is it? It is said that the ChatGPT company's latest endeavor is risky.

Project Q star

The business that creates ChatGPT, OpenAI, has been in the news for a while now. "Sam Altman," the co-founder of the company, was abruptly sacked one day.

Project Q star: what is it?

Altman was reinstated after hundreds of workers threatened to quit over the decision. OpenAI's latest initiative is currently the topic of discussion.

The project is called Q* Star (Q*). There are claims that this initiative poses a risk to humankind.

Project Q star: what is it? It is said that the ChatGPT company's latest endeavor is risky.

What specifically about Q Star has sparked worries?

According to the Reuters article, OpenAI's Project Q Star is a novel artificial intelligence finding. This project has been under development for a while.

It's a tool for artificial general intelligence, or AGI. This tool has demonstrated rapid and accurate solution of mathematical problems.

According to a story by The Information, some OpenAI employees are concerned about Project QStar. In his opinion, the business lacked the security protocols required to market this kind of technology.

Sam Altman has even claimed that the instruments of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) are smarter than humans.

According to a Reuters story, OpenAI researchers raised concerns about this AI system in a letter.

There had been warnings from certain staff researchers that this study might be harmful to humankind.

The article claims that Project Q may pose a threat to people in a manner similar to that shown in the Terminator movie.

OpenAI has approved this top-secret initiative, nevertheless, following the Reuters revelation.

However, more information is still pending on this. Many academics believe that Project Q and AGI should be enhanced rather than never developed if they pose a threat to humankind.

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