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Saturday, November 18, 2023

A Cloud Hosting for IBM i (iSeries - as400 cloud hosting) How Does Cloud400 Work?

Cloud Hosting for IBM

This blog post aims to clarify how setting up IBM i (iSeries/AS400) cloud hosting is different from setting up other cloud hosting options provided by AWS, Azure, and other well-known cloud hosting solutions.

For your information, IBM i is an operating system. IBM servers go by the designations iSeries and AS400. To make web research simpler, I often use them interchangeably.

A prospective user asked me last week if the configuration of Cloud400 was similar to that of Amazon AWS, Azure, or other well-known hosting services. Can you go into Cloud400, set up the necessary resources, and then use this IBM i (iSeries/AS400) hosting option right away, in other words?

Okay, no. Due to the manner that the IBM i operating system functions, it does not operate that way.

I'll now go through how Cloud400 for IBM i applications functions.

Clients who want to transfer their business applications from an on-premises server to a hosted environment typically use Cloud400 hosting. Additionally, there are programmers that host their programs as "Software as a Service" (SAAS). On Cloud400, we also have users that test their software and applications.

A Cloud Hosting for IBM i (iSeries - as400 cloud hosting) How Does Cloud400 Work?

Cloud400 Team

The Cloud400 team must first comprehend the needs of the user. Or, to put it another way, what hosting resources are necessary for the RAM memory, storage, and backup plan of CPW.

Second, we must comprehend the IBM i OS version they require (i.e., V5R4, V6.1, V7.1, V7.2, or V7.3). We must know what licensed software they will use, including IBM and software from unaffiliated developers.

Third, we must comprehend their networking and connectivity in order to support users anywhere.

In order to create an implementation plan and onboard a new Cloud400 client, we must perform this upfront study.

The client sends us a complete Save21 system save when they are ready to proceed. On the assigned IBM POWER server, we develop a Logical Partition (LPAR) that is specific to the requirements of the customer. We go back to that LPAR's Save21.

Our networking team collaborates with the client's network engineer to establish user connectivity to Cloud400 after the LPAR has been loaded.

We now begin the 60-day no-cost trial. A free 60-day trial has proven to have a number of advantages. First, it is a technique for us to demonstrate to our client our competence. We deliver kind, considerate, and knowledgeable service.

Additionally, it offers the client a chance to learn how their apps will function on Cloud400 in practice. This provides us both the opportunity to perfect the configuration before going live.

The client evaluates their apps during this trial period. This often involves daily and monthly closing procedures. To ensure that all applications operate as expected, they evaluate peripherals. To ensure that the software performs as expected, interfaces are tested. Additionally, a Cloud400 project manager could suggest additional testing for the customer.

The client collaborates with the Cloud400 team to plan go live after the test is finished.

The client sends a Friday Save21 backup overnight for the Cloud400 team to load throughout the weekend in preparation for go live.

Even so, we have come across unusual circumstances throughout the years that call for distinct strategies for firms that must contact with the U.S. government for compliance or activities that run around-the-clock. As the need arises, we take care of these unique requirements.

In conclusion, the IBM i operating system distinguishes the Cloud400 arrangement from that of AWS, Azure, or the majority of other hosting alternatives.

The fact that the programs we host are large and frequently unable to be transferred to us via FTP is another important consideration.

These are the explanations for our Cloud400 configuration.

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