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Friday, September 22, 2023

What is an AMI?


Full form of AMI is an Amazon Machine Image. The Amazon Machine Image offers the data necessary to start an instance.

When launching an instance, an AMI needs to be given. When all of the instances require the identical setup, a single AMI can be used to deploy them all.

But it is possible to launch instances with various configurations by using various AMIs.

AMIs are identifiable by a manifest XML file and a special identification in the form of AMI-xxxxxx when they are stored in the Amazon S3 service. They may be built from the ground up or assembled from pre-existing EC2 instances.

The user can choose whether to make an AMI available to other users or keep it for personal use after it has been generated. The AMI is then kept in an S3 bucket.

What is an AMI?

Additionally, you can link a product code to a specific AMI, enabling the owner of the AMI to make money each time an EC2 instance is created using this AMI.

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