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Friday, July 28, 2023

You'd Like to Know These Google Tricks - Google Search Hacks

Google Search

Google is essential to a substantial proportion of Internet users. We use Google every day to quench our insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Let's take a break and look at some Google tricks, entertaining searches, and games hidden deep within Google's massive database.

You may be asking why these Google tricks exist. These Google tactics serve no purpose. These are some amusing Google features. You can show this to your pals to impress them with your geeky side.

You'd Like to Know These Google Tricks - Google Search Hacks

This article will go over all of the wonderful things you can do with Google. I've also put together a Google Tricks List.

Here List of the Best Google Fun Tricks

Make a barrel roll

Google's most popular trick is to request that it perform a barrel roll. Google is going to do a barrel roll. Simply enter "do a barrage roll" in the search box. It will spin twice before returning to its starting position. It's definitely worth a look.

Google Gravity

Gravity is incredible, even on Google's homepage. Here's how to get Google to bow down for a change.

In the search box, type "Google Gravity" and press the "I'm feeling Lucky" button. This will direct you to Google Gravity, a fun project. This is a Hi-Res Chrome Experiment.

An interactive Google search is used in the Gravity trick. Finding the menus could be time-consuming.

Search Exact Match Keyword

"" (double quotes) can be used to find web search results that are an exact match. Google returns only results that contain the specified phrase (between the double quotes) in the same order as the term. For example, searching for "I'm good" instructs Google to exclusively look for that word. There will be no relevant search results. This is useful if you want hyper-specific search results but don't want related search results to clog up your search results.

Browse Offline Websites

"Cache:" can be used to access websites that have been unavailable for some time owing to server issues. Google caches copies of web pages visited by its crawler, which is why you can access them even if their server is unavailable, because the cached pages are loaded from Google. For example, "" allows you to visit even when it is unavailable.

Remove a Term from Search Results

If you're looking for something and a keyword continues popping up (due to its popularity), you can narrow down the results by omitting the term entirely. Simply adding "-keyword" at the end of the search query will return results that do not contain that specific term. You can see how it works by looking at the screenshot below.

Find Specific Files

"filetype:" allows you to search the web for specific files rather than content or websites. It's useful when looking for presentations, PDFs, drawings, or other items with a known extension. For example, "filetype:pptx global warming effect" will look for presentations on the Global Warming Effect.

With These Tricks, You Can Unlock the Full Potential of Google Search

As you can see, there are numerous tips and tactics available to help you get the greatest search results. It's important to note that you don't have to remember all of them. Simply look through the list of the greatest Google Search techniques in 2023 and discover which ones best suit your needs. Once you've decided which ones are vital, repeat them three or four times and they'll become second nature. Check out these Google Search tips and tell us which ones are your favorites in the comments area below.

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