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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Difference Between Cloud Server and Own Server

Cloud Server and Own Server

Since the introduction of cloud servers, more and more businesses are unsure whether to use a traditional physical server or a server in the cloud. Some firms initially keep their papers on a number of computers, and when they run out of room, they move the documents to physical servers. The inconvenience of maintaining a room full of servers, however, eventually prompts many to think about switching to cloud-based servers.

Difference Between Cloud Server and Own Server

Are you still unsure? We support your decision-making!

What is a server?

The server is a piece of computer hardware that distributes data (pictures, videos, text files, apps, your website, etc.) to some clients, who can be humans or other devices linked to it. Servers come in two varieties:

Physical server: This server can be found "physically" in hardware, frequently in designated areas of businesses.

Cloud server: Using this server, all of the data is kept on a virtual architecture in the cloud.

Which cloud server to choose?

The best option is to stick with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) if you are currently a user of G Suite (formerly Google Workspace) and other Google tools and are familiar with all of its advantages. The Google cloud's infrastructure makes it possible to:

  • Boost security with GCP
  • Payment for services helps to lower infrastructure and wasted service expenses.
  • Increase the company's scalability
  • increased data accessibility
  • Make the business smarter by using tools like Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning or GCP BigQuery.

Google Cloud Platform's GCP VPN, GCP Cloud Storage, and GCP Kubernetes are some of the most popular services. The following circumstances also see a lot of use of this option:

1. Organizations using WordPress

GCP also offers Google Cloud Platform WordPress if you have a WordPress website and are looking for a good hosting alternative. GCP can be applied in various ways, depending on the website you have (traffic and desired control). These comprise the GCP Marketplace, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, or any of the GCP WordPress plugins.

2. Organizations want to optimize Oracle workloads with GCP

GCP Oracle Database will be an excellent option if your business uses Oracle services and wishes to lower TCO, improve availability, and streamline center and database management. You may quickly start utilizing Google Cloud Platform thanks to the many migration strategies (change of host, platform, or code) that Google Cloud provides.

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